Coming This April 21-27 ... The Great American Coin Hunt

The Great American Coin Hunt is set for April 21-27, 2019.  Hundreds of the nations top coin dealerswill each be releasing into circulation thousands of collectible coins.

Mostly wheat cents, indian cents, buffalo nickels will be put into change but also many key dates will also get mixed in.  Dealers have pledged to release over 25,000 obsolete coins into circulation.

We at Scarsdale Coin lead the pack so check your change in April.  This is an incredible opportunity to take part in a really fun event. 

If you would like to participate and add your own excitement to a new generation of collectors well then I strongly suggest you to participate in this amazing event. Either by becoming involved in the searching, or by looking through your own collection and finding some extra, collectible, but common obsolete coins you really don't need anymore and placing them into circulation during the week of April 21-27.

The link to the story at Coin World is below:

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