Customer Referrals!

"Over the years I have asked many dealers and collectors and had never met someone wiling to share information and as knowledgeable as you"  

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me"

Joseph S (Somerset, NJ) 4/9/2018
Thank You Jon,

Your trust in my honesty and fair business practice is exactly what is missing in so many business relationships.

I handle situations with my company the same way as well. It will be a pleasure to continue doing business with you again. Please include my name on any mailings and keep me informed of any additional coin or collectable offerings.

Best regards,
Michael L. (Atlanta, GA)
Thanks for the beautiful coins. And for the prompt mailing!

Awesome!! Even better than advertised!!!

Buy from with total confidence!!!


Hi Jon,

Got my Trime today and am quite pleased with it. The subtle reverse toning with the pastel colors was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for the fast ship, and for a first purchase from you was satisfied completely. I hope to make other purchases as my budget allows and will continue to check your inventory for examples for my type set.

Thanks again,

Everett B (Renton, WA)


Jon I had to send you this note and please feel free to use my name ... Before meeting with you regarding my Fathers collection  I went and visted the three coin stores in Westchester.  I never got a good feeling from them...  they all wanted to buy my coins and the price they offered was similiar.  However I appreciate that you took the time to actually study my Fathers collection and found the brass ring which meant that your offer of $7,500 was almost double what the stores offered me.  Thank you so much!!! 

Jimmy R. (NYC, NY)