Westchester County Coin Club


The Westchester County Coin Club was Founded on April 15, 1934 and made famous in 1938 for its sponsorship of the New Rochelle Half Dollar!


  Please feel free to learn more about the WCCC by attending one of our monthly meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Meeting Room of the Eastchester Public Library 11 Oakridge Place in Eastchester, NY


Bronx River Parkway - Take Leewood Exit. Go straight. At top of hill make a left. At next traffic light (White Plains Road - rt 22) turn right. Library is on the left directly across from the Odyssey Diner.

Hutchinson River Parkway North - North Avenue exit #17. Make left at light on to North Avenue. Make left at first traffic light onto Mill Road. Turn right on Oakridge Place. Library is on the left hand side. Turn left, then right into the parking lot.

Hutchinson River Parkway South - Take Mill Road exit #18W. Follow Mill Road. Follow above directions.

Route 22 White Plains Road - We are located between Concordia College and Lord & Taylor's shopping center. Travel North past Concordia. The library is one block north of Mill Road.

Traveling South on Rt. 22 - Pass Lord & Taylor's. The library is approx. 1/2 mile south of the store.



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Each meeting starts off with a fantastic Guest Speaker (about 15 - 30 Minutes with Q & A)!

Reports & News!

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A selection of the "Topics of the Evening" follow!

FUN FOLLOWS:   Raffles,  Several One Lot Auctions... and many additional interesting surprises at each and every meeting,...

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2013     Please Note We are Updating this year so please keep checking back daily!

January Meeting - Wed 1/16/2013 By tradition - The President of WCCC -  will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year - Jonathan Lerner - Speaks on the subjet of

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/20/13 Guest Speaker -

March Meeting - Wed 3/20/13

April Meeting - Wed - 4/17/13  - Topics of the evening to bring are:  1. Founding of the United Nations (4/25/1945) Coins & Paper Currency of the UN  2. Initiation of Pope Francis I - Coins, Paper Money & Medals of Argentina  3. Emergency Coins made from Zinc  4. Coins with four-legged creatures

May 2nd - Thursday - 2013 - 77th  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker   Cocktails Begin at 7pm.  Please Join Us...

May Meeting - Wed 5/15/13   Topics of the evening are: Police Officers, Memorial Day - May 15, Coins of Russia , VE Day - May 8, 1945, Emergency coins made of Iron, Memorial Day - May 27 (all wars), Member birthdays in May, and Coins with two-legged creatures.

June Meeting - Wed 6/19/13  -   The winner of Ernie Bain award to speak!   Our speaker will be, Joseph Trezza who won the Ernest H. Bain Numismatic Award at our 79th Annual Banquet on May 2, 2013.  Joe will give a talk on “Standing Liberty Quarters 1916 - 1930.”


July Meeting - Wed 7/17/13 - Membership to discuss changing our meeting location.

August  Meeting - Wed 8/21/13 - Welcome to our new meeting location and returning from the ANA Worlds Fair of Money held in Chicago -- Hear stories of the coin conventions from the members who where there, and get free goodies that we brought back from the show.

September Meeting - Wed 9/18/13 - Guest Speaker -TBA

October Meeting - Wed 10/16/13 Movie Night -  (We even have the popcorn)

November Meeting - Wed 11/20/13 Guest Speaker - TBA

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/18/13 Holiday Party


New Rochelle Half Dollar

The 1938 New Rochelle half dollar presents one of those curious aspects so peculiar to United States commemoratives in that it bears no less than three dates, yet none of them is the actual date of coinage!  To maximize its marketing potential, the sponsors of this issue had it minted in 1937, extending the logical sales period for the better part of a year.  This ploy worked, and most of the coins struck were sold to eager collectors, with only a few thousand remaining at the end of the program.

This half dollar commemorates the 250th anniversary of the settlement of New Rochelle, New York.  A prosperous suburb of New York City, it is only “Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway,” this being the name of a popular 1906 song by showman George M. Cohan.  In a somewhat more contemporary reference, New Rochelle is known also as the 1960s home of television characters Rob and Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Proceeds from the sales of New Rochelle half dollars financed a 250th anniversary festival held June 10-19, 1938.

 The gentleman and calf portrayed on the obverse of this coin relate the form of payment made for this land when first settled by French Huguenots in 1688.  John Pell, Lord of Pelham Manor, sold 6,000 acres to Jacob Leisler, who was acting as agent for the colonists.  Among the terms of sale was the provision that Leisler and his heirs would furnish to “John Pell his heirs and assigns Lords of the said Mannor of Pelham . . . as an Acknowledgment to the said Mannor one fatt calfe on every fouer and twentyth day of June Yearly and Every Year forever [if demanded].”

The name New Rochelle is derived from La Rochelle in France, evidently the homeland of the Huguenot settlers.  Incorporation as a village in 1858 was followed by incorporation of the City of New Rochelle in 1899.

Despite the purely local interest of the 1938 anniversary, this coin was approved through the influence of its sponsors, the Westchester County Coin Club of New Rochelle.  Being an affluent suburb of New York City, it’s also quite possible that many of the town’s residents were well placed to exert pressure on their Senators and Representatives.  Introduced January 6, 1936, the original draft legislation placed the sale of New Rochelle coins in the hands of the coin club, a prospect viewed with disfavor by Congress.  With this provision stricken from the bill, it passed on May 5, 1936.

Calling for not more than 25,000 half dollars, these to be coined at a single mint, the New Rochelle bill reflected some of the wisdom gained from commemorative coin programs that had gone on for years, with coins being struck at all three mints and with several dates.  The New Rochelle coins were specifically to be dated 1938, irrespective of when they were coined.  This guaranteed that there would be only a single coin that collectors need acquire to keep their sets complete.

Originally selected to furnish designs for this type was sculptor Lorrilard Wise.  His obverse model featured the interesting scene of a crouching Native American viewing from shore the approach of a European ship, with a sunburst on the horizon.  The seal of the City of New Rochelle was the principal feature of his reverse, the balance of the design consisting entirely of commemorative and statutory inscriptions.  Though a bit crudely rendered, these models would have made for a satisfactory coin.

The Federal Commission of Fine Arts delayed approving the design, offering a number of suggestions in the interim.  Commission Chairman Charles Moore finally related its approval on August 26, 1936, in a letter to Acting Mint Director Mary O’Reilly: “The Commission of Fine Arts approve the models with the understanding that the criticisms made by Mr. [Lee] Lawrie will be embodied in the finally completed models.”  A formal approval was made on September 16th.

Just a few weeks later, the Commission had second thoughts and rejected the obverse design.  In a letter dated October 28, 1936, Chairman Moore advised New Rochelle Commemorative Coin Committee Chairman Pitt Skipton that “The Commission feel that this work should be placed in the hands of an artist who has had experience in producing designs for medals and coins.”  Skipton found such an artist in the person of one Gertrude K. Lathrop, sculptor of the Albany Charter half dollar minted that same year.  Her work on this coin so impressed him that Skipton persuaded Ms. Lathrop to undertake the New Rochelle half dollar.

The shoreline scene was dropped in favor of the fatted calf of historical fame.  This is shown on the obverse being drawn by a man in elegant dress who is presumed to be John Pell. Arranged in arcs around the periphery and separated by asterisks are the legends NEW•ROCHELLE•NEW•YORK and SETTLED• 1688•INCORPORATED•1899.  The artist’s initials GKL appear to the right of the calf’s forelegs.  The reverse of this coin type is dominated by a fleur de lis, an element found within the city’s coat of arms and borrowed from the arms of La Rochelle, France.  Arranged in arcs around the periphery are the statutory inscriptions UNITED•STATES•OF•AMERICA, E•PLURIBUS•UNUM, LIBERTY and IN• GOD• WE•TRUST.  The date 1938 and value HALF•DOLLAR appear at the bottom in two lines.  This design was approved by the Commission of Fine Arts shortly after its submission and later by the Treasury Department on February 25, 1937.

The total authorized mintage of 25,015 halves (which includes 15 coins reserved for assay) was produced at the Philadelphia Mint in April of 1937.  Though the coins were sponsored by the Westchester County Coin Club, their distribution was assigned to the First National Bank of New Rochelle.  A number of coins of were sold locally at $2 apiece but, in keeping with most commemorative programs, the majority went to coin collectors placing mail orders.  Allowing for postage, a single coin by mail cost $2.18, or two for $4.21 and five for $10.27.  These orders were filled by the New Rochelle Commemorative Coin Committee.  Sales were directed by none other than  Julius Guttag, a resident of New Rochelle but also a partner in Guttag Brothers of New York City, a numismatic and securities dealership.

Though the feverish speculative market for commemoratives collapsed in the waning months of 1937, the New Rochelle issue sold quite well.  When sales slowed to a trickle, members of the Westchester County Coin Club bought up hundreds of the coins at face value.  The remaining pieces, some 9,749 halves in all, were returned to the Philadelphia Mint shortly after the festivities in June of 1938.  These were melted, leaving a net mintage of 15,251 coins.

Being coin collectors themselves and sensitive to the issue of quality, the sponsors selectively removed any coins bearing serious flaws from those distributed.  The result was a noticeably higher level of quality for this coin type than for most commemorative issues.  Circulated coins are rare, and most mint state pieces grade MS-63 or higher.  In fact, examples grading as high as MS-66 are not particularly scarce.  The luster on coins of this type ranges all the way from frosty to brilliantly prooflike.  Check for wear on the calf’s hip and the highpoints of the fleur de lis.

Included within this coin’s mintage were 50 presentation pieces struck on polished blanks; these are quite prooflike in quality.  Some 10-14 matte proofs are also rumored to have been produced, but very few have ever surfaced.  The presentation coins were distributed in small, dark red boxes with a velvet liner to hold the half dollar.  These were accompanied by a silver medal produced by Tiffany & Company from Lorrilard Wise’s original reverse design depicting the New Rochelle seal.  Regular editions of this half dollar were distributed in holders that could accommodate from one to ten coins.  It featured the city seal and the names of key committee members.  Also found within this multi-page holder are a brief history of the city and information about the coin and its designer.  All of these items are considered quite collectable and carry a value of their own.


 Diameter: 30.6 millimeters

Weight: 12.5 grams

Composition: .900 silver, .100 copper

Edge: Reeded

Net Weight: .36169 ounce pure silver



January Meeting - Wed 1/18/2012 By tradition - The President of WCCC -  will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year - Jonathan Lerner - Speaks on the subjet of

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/15/12 Guest Speaker - David Alexander.

March Meeting - Wed 3/21/12 Farewell Party St. Pius School Scarsdale, leaving after 10+ years of meetings here.

April Meeting - Wed - 4/18/12  - Welcome to our New Meeting Location.

May 3rd - Thursday - 2012 - 77th  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker Mr. David Alexander, author, numismatic researcher   Cocktails Begin at 7pm.  Please Join Us...

May Meeting - Wed 5/16/12  "Secret" Guest Speaker, talking about counterfeit coins with examples and more!

June Meeting - Wed 6/20/12  -  Lou, winner of Ernie Bain award to speak!

July Meeting - Wed 7/18/12 - Assorted topics

August  Meeting - Wed 8/15/12 - Return from the ANA Worlds Fair of Money -- Here stories of the coin conventions from the members who where there, and get free goodies that we brought back from the show.

September Meeting - Wed 9/19/12 - Guest Speaker - Mr. John D'Alois SOA executive director will talk about the history behind the New York State Naval Militia Armory located in New Rochelle NY and what the future plans will be for this historic faciltiy.

October Meeting - Wed 10/17/12 Movie Night -  (We even have the popcorn)

November Meeting - Wed 11/2112

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/19/12 Holiday Party


January Meeting - Wed 1/19/2011 By tradition - The President of WCCC -  will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year - Jonathan Lerner - Speaks on the RCM - Royal Candian Mint 

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/16/11 Guest Speaker - Grading Night, we will have a special mix of PCGS coins that you can try to grade like the experts.

March Meeting - Wed 3/16/11 Guest Speaker - Bob Drapper, special talk about a certain ship that sunk!

April Meeting - Wed - 4/20/11  -  Lawrence Brown, speaks about Modern Coin Myths!

May 5th- Thursday - 2011 - 76th  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker Mr. Bob Buchanan, author of "My Old Toy Box"  Cocktails Begin at 7pm.  Please Join Us...

May Meeting - Wed 5/18/11  Winner of the 2009 Ernie Bain award, will be our guest speaker ???

June Meeting - Wed 6/15/11  -  

July Meeting - Wed 7/20/11 -

August  Meeting - Wed 8/17/11 - Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

September Meeting - Wed 9/21/11 -

October Meeting - Wed 10/19/11 Guest Speaker -

November Meeting - Wed 11/16/11

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/21/11 Holiday Party


January Meeting - Wed 1/20/2010 By tradition - The President of WCCC -  will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year - Jonathan Lerner - Speaks on a special So Called Dollar

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/17/10 Guest Speaker - Susan Hack-Lane - President of the Taconic PostCard Club offers insight into history thru Postcards!

March Meeting - Wed 3/17/10 Topics include St. Pattys Day, Anything Green, and Mardi Gras Tokens!

April Meeting - Wed - 4/21/10  -  Topics Including... Coins with Kids, Brazil and Red Books are Available $10

May  6th- Thursday - 2010 - 76th  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker,  Cocktails Begin at 7pm.  Please Join Us...

May Meeting - Wed 5/19/10  -  Coin Trivia Night!  Prizes and More

June Meeting - Wed 6/16/10  -   Winner of the 2009 Ernie Bain award, Pete Acampora will be our guest speaker - and talk about Die Varieties and Mint Errors

July Meeting - Wed 7/21/10 -

August  Meeting - Wed 8/18/10 - Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

September Meeting - Wed 9/15/10 - Gordon Frost a update on the 1933 Saint Gold Coin

October Meeting - Wed 10/20/10 Guest Speaker - William Reynolds - Presidential Historian, will present 'Stop the Presses:  The President is in Love,' about the three incumbent presidents who married while in office (one a bachelor, two widowers)

November Meeting - Wed 11/17/10

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/15/10 Holiday Party


January Meeting - Wed 1/21/2009 By tradition - The President of WCCC -  will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year -

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/18/09 Guest Speaker - 

March Meeting - Wed 3/18/09 Guest Speaker - William Robins, Topic Coins of the French Revolution

April Meeting - Wed - 4/15/09  -  Lora Robins, Topic Daniel Carr & the Moonlight Mint

May  - Thursday - 2009 - 75th  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker,  Cocktails Begin at 7pm.  Special Release of the WCCC 75th Anniversary Medal

May Meeting - Wed 5/20/09  Winner of the 2009 Ernie Bain award, will be our guest speaker

June Meeting - Wed 6/17/09  -   Maurice Rosen special guest speaking on "How to survive the recession!"

July Meeting - Wed 7/15/2009

August  Meeting - Wed 8/19/09 - Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

September Meeting - Wed 9/16/09 -

October Meeting - Wed 10/21/09 Guest Speaker - TBA

November Meeting - Wed 11/18/09

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/16/09 Holiday Party


January Meeting - Wed 1/16/2008 By tradition - The President of WCCC - Jonathan Lerner, will be the guest first guest speaker of the new year - Topic 1943 Copper Penny , 1944 Steel Cent, and the strange tale of a Mr. Charles Samuel Reis Jr. 

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/20/08 Guest Speaker - Otto Vondrak  Railroad enthusiast and contributor to the book "Forgotten Railroads through Westchester County" - Topic The New York, Westchester & Boston Railroad Company

March Meeting - Wed 3/19/08 Guest Speaker - President of Garden State Numismatic Association - Mr. Spencer Peck , Topic - Saga of the New Jersey Quarter 

April Meeting - Wed - 4/16/08 Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

May  - Thursday - 5/1/2008  Annual Banquet... . Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring a special guest speaker, Rich Schemmer - Error Coin Expert!  Cocktails Begin at 7pm.

May Meeting - Wed 5/12/08  Winner of the 2008 Ernie Bain award, Most likely will be our guest speaker

June Meeting - Wed 6/18/08  -  Jack Mattus talks about civil war tokens, show and tell topics include Jersey Coins (the country - not the state LOL) and more!

July Meeting - Wed 7/16/08 - Club Treasurer Pete gives a presentation "Found in Rolls" join us and learn what goodies might just be found searching!

August  Meeting - Wed 8/20/08 - Mixed Bag of assorted summer topics

September Meeting - Wed 9/17/08 - Jim Grimm, stops bye to speak

October Meeting - Wed 10/15/08 Guest Speaker - Gordon Frost, update on current lawsuit surounding 1933 Double Eagle

November Meeting - Wed 11/16/08 Guest Speaker JJ Van Grover,  VP of the American Israel Numismatic Association - Topic Israel's Coinage, past and present.  

December Meeting - Wed  - 12/17/08  Holiday Party

2007 Meetings

January Meeting 1/17/07 - President Jonathan Lerner -  Learn about the secret "coin" minted at the Philadelphia Mint that was used to purchase oil.  Including some Saudi Arabia brief history  ranging from  King Abd al-Azis Al Saud to Socal's Lloyd Hamilton!

February Meeting 2/21/07 - Larry Schuffman - Creator of www.CurrencySuperstore.com - Enlighting us all about LIBERTY BONDS those special type of war bond that were sold in the United States! 

March Meeting 3/21/2007 - William Robbins - Presenting "The Lovelock Collection", a hoard of gold coins discovered in Lovelock, NV in 1975. The coins date from 1874-1910 and give a priceless glimpse into what was circulating in Nevada in the early 1900's.

April Meeting 4/18/07 - Back by popular demand, one of the best coin club speakers in New York, Jim Grimm.  Jim is currently writing a new book on Long Island Tokens and will be speaking about this written work and will also talk about Military Currency and NCO Tokens (which is the non-commissioned officer's club tokens)

May Banquet 5/3/07 - Held at "The Riverview", always a popular night and featuring our special guest speaker, Dr. Michael Fey, Governor ANA, Michael is probably best known for his Silver Dollar variety books and related articles!  The Riverview is set upon a cliff overlooking the Hudson River, with breathaking views of the Palisades.

May Meeting 5/16/07 - Bob Materson aka "Radio Bob" tells us all we wanted to know but were afraid to ask on vintage collectible radios!  These are antique radio that were made during the 1930's through the 1950's and contain vacuum tubes!

June Meeting 6/20/07 - Platinum Auction Night - 50-100 Great Lots offered No Reserve!  If you would like to receive a catalog or place a lot in auction,  just contact us! 

July Meeting 7/18/07 Joe, Winner of the 2006 Ernie Bain award presents a talk on Wood Hibernia coinage.

August Meeting 8/15/07 - Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

September Meeting 9/19/07 Visit From The ANA Money Musuem Traveling Exhibit - Topic TBA

October Meeting 10/17/07 - Trivia Question Contest

November Meeting 11/21/07

December Meeting 12/19/07 - Holiday Party

2006 Meetings

January Meeting 1/18/2006  William Robbins - History and significance of Clark, Gruber & Co. during the Colorado gold rush.

February Meeting 2/15/06  Jim Thompson - Jim will bring 100 pieces from his George Washington collection and discuss how the collecting of “Washingtonia” includes colonials, U.S. medals, store cards, So-called dollars, World Fair medals and a lot of U.S history.

March Meeting 3/15/06 President Jonathan Lerner - Presents "Aloha - The Truth about the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii"

April Meeting 4/19/06 Gordon Frost - Gordon presents all the ins and outs of the famous 1933 Saint-Gaudens U.S. $20 gold piece including information on the July 30 auction in New York when the 1 coin was sold for a record $7.6 million

May Banquet 5/4/06 - Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring our guest speaker, Laura Sperber from Legend Numismatics.  One of Americas premier rare coin dealers!

May Meeting 5/17/06 -  Donald Blau, Winner of the 2005 Ernie Bain award, is the guest speaker and tells about certification, restoration, and conservation of coins. The evening topics include Cinco de Mayo - coins of Mexico and coins with horses to honor the KY derby!

June Meeting 6/21/06  - Blake Bell, Black is the Town Historian of Pelham, NY. and author of "Thomas Pell and the Legend of the Pell Treaty Oak", a book published in 2004 by iUniverse.  His presentation will be the New Rochelle Commemorative Half Dollar and the Fatt Calfe Ceremony.

July Meeting 7/19/06 - Visit From The ANA Money Musuem Exhibit ... Coins of the Olympic Games  This exhibit surveys the history of the Olympic Games from their ancient origins to the modern day through coins and medals.

August Meeting 8/16/06 - Katie Hite, Director Westchester County Historical Society Presentation entitled "From Wigwams to Corporate Headquarters - 400 years of Westchester County"

September Meeting 9/20/06

SPECIAL EVENT SUN 10/15/06 WCCC 3rd Annual Coin Show - 9am-3pm Armonk Wellesley Inn ... For Table Information Please Contact Jon 914-722-3606  For Directions or Hotel Reservation Please call Wellesley Inn direct at 914-273-9090. 

October Meeting 10/18/06

November Meeting 11/15/06

December Meeting 12/20/06 - Holiday Party

  2005 Meetings

January Meeting - Wed 1/19 President WCCC Will Be The Guest Speaker Topic Of His Choice!

Feb Meeting - Wed 2/16 

March Meeting - Movie Night -  (we even have the popcorn)

March 12 Thursday - Banquet... Held at the Riverview, always a popular night and featuring our guest speaker, Anthony J. Swiatek, owner of Swiatek-Minerva Coins and Past President of the American Numismatic Association (1997-1999) 

April Meeting - Wed 4/20

May Meeting - Wed 5/18

June Meeting - Wed 6/15 Guest Speaker - Gordon Frost - Topic Counterfeits

July Meeting - Wed 7/20

August  Meeting - Wed 8/17 Guest Speaker - Richard Krasilovsky President Empire Safe Company - Topic Everything you want to know about home safes!

September Meeting - Wed 9/21 - Jim Grimm -Guest Speaker - Topic Telephone Tokens and Currency of the Philippines

October Meeting - Wed 10/19 - Annual Coin Show - Dealers Please Contact Jon Lerner For Table Information!

November Meeting - Wed 11/16 - Guest Speaker - Mr. Sam Foose - Consignment Director - Heritage Galleries - Special Apperance From Texas - Topic - "What Are All Those People Doing Up There?"; The Dynamics of a Heritage Live Auction.

December Meeting - Wed 12/21 - Holiday Party