Hank Lee's Magic Factory

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This is the Hank Lee's Magic Factory Special edition year 2000 Palming Coin....

1.25" Diameter

From Hank Lee here is the original description...

For far too long, good quality inexpensive Palming Coins have been impossible to find.

Doing the Miser's Dream with real Half-Dollars just doesn't make sense. They are way too thick. You just can't get enough of them into your coin holders. What to do; what to do?

Well, it's me, Hank Lee to the rescue. We went to one of America's most prestigious mints and had some wonderful coins struck. They are just a tad larger than Half-Dollars (but, they fit perfectly in any coin holder; dropper; or clip).

They are magic of Nickel-Steel so they are bright and shiny and can be seen well from platform or stage.

They are much thinner than real halves! So, you can load a ton of them into your holders.

They have a milled edge, so they are really easy to palm! They just about hold themselves to your hand!