1652  Pine Tree Shilling PCGS AU50 Small Planchet 69.4 grs

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1652  Pine Tree Shilling PCGS AU50 Small Planchet 69.4 grs


Crosby 21-L, Noe-16, R.2. 69.4 grains. This Small Planchet shilling shows little signs of actual wear from circulation. The underlying bright surfaces are covered with mottled gray-brown patina on each side. A pair of parallel scratches are located in the center of the reverse. Otherwise, the surfaces are irregular but are actually a result of the manufacturing process. The use of a rocker press has left wavy surfaces that are well defined in some places and weakly detailed in others. Also, the right portion of each side appears to have been struck from a planchet that was lacking metal in that area. 


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