1863 J-325 PCGS PR55 OGH

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1863 Postage Currency Dime, PR63

1863 10C Ten Cents, Judd-325, Pollock-390, Low R.6, PR55 PCGS OGH The obverse depicts an ornamental shield with an inverted laurel wreath suspended from a ring. A pair of crossed arrows is behind the shield, with EXCHANGED FOR U.S. NOTES around the perimeter. The reverse has 10 CENTS 1863 in the center, with * POSTAGE CURRENCY * ACT JULY 1862 around. Struck in silver with a plain edge. James B. Longacre designed this pattern in May, 1863. At that time, three weight variants were struck of the plain edge silver Postage Currency patterns. No silver pieces of this design are known to have a reeded edge. A combined total of 43 coins at 20 grains and the 22.5 grains were struck to demonstrate the physical properties of two versions of a very thin ten cent silver coin. One plain edge, nearly pure silver fantasy piece was struck weighing 38.3 grains.