Canadian Maple Leaf

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Gold bullion coin investors instantly took to Canadian coin - Gold Maple Leaf in 1979 when they were introduced to compete with gold Krugerrands, whose tremendous success had proven a strong demand for gold bullion coins.

Because Gold Maple Leaf coins were .999 fine gold, they achieved instant popularity with those gold bullion coin investors who wanted pure gold coins. Unfortunately, the purity and the designs of 1-oz Gold Maple Leaf coins have caused them to fall into disfavor in the gold bullion coin market.

Pure gold is soft, and for that reason gold coins in the Western world have traditionally been alloys, as have been all US gold coins. Still, the Royal Canadian Mint wanted Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins to be different from Krugerrands and opted for pure gold coins.

Maple Leafs are available in the following size:

1 Oz

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