Girl Scout Coin - This one is a loser and winner!

Sure you wonder what I mean.... well here is the story....  

The Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial Commemorative Coin Act, signed into law in 2009, authorized the minting of up to 350,000 silver dollar coins in commemoration of the yearlong celebration of our 100th anniversary. On September 22, 2012, Girl Scouts of the USA unveiled the design of the coin at the Gala 100th Anniversary Experience Exhibition Preview and Dinner Under the Stars, hosted by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, with Connie L. Lindsey, their National President, and Anna Maria Chávez, their CEO.

So far...So good, well not so fast....

Sales totaled just 35 percent of the congressionally authorized number of coins for the program.

The Girl Scouts of the USA will not be receiving any surcharges from the U.S. Mint because sales of the 2013-W Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial commemorative silver dollars failed to cover production costs.

This represents the first time that a recipient organization designated in commemorative coin legislation “is not eligible to receive surcharge payments due to program costs not being recovered,” Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said Jan. 2.

Of the maximum authorization of 350,000 coins, final but unaudited sales figures released Jan. 2 by the U.S. Mint showed a total of 123,817 coins were sold — 86,354 Proof coins and 37,463 Uncirculated coins. Coins were sold individually, with the Uncirculated coin additionally available in a Young Collector set.

Not enough sold!!!    That is where my PICK OF THE YEAR comes in...   only 37,463 Unc Coins are out there

The introductory sales period ran from Feb. 28 to March 29, after which regular issue prices were charged. The introductory prices were $54.95 for the Proof coin and $50.95 for the Uncirculated coin, and were each increased by $5 for the regular issue period.    So if you bought it last year you would have most likely paid about $56 bucks!

Since 1982 Within the modern commemorative coin era there have been over 66 different modern commemorative silver dollars issued.

Here is a list of the lowest mintages

Lowest Mintage Modern Commemorative Silver Dollars

1996-D Paralympics Wheelchair Silver Dollar 14,497
1996-D Olympics High Jump Silver Dollar 15,697
1996-D Olympics Tennis Silver Dollar 15,983
1996-D Olympics Rowing Silver Dollar 16,258
1995-D Olympics Cycling Silver Dollar 19,662
1996-S Community Service Silver Dollar 23,500
1995-D Olympics Track and Field Silver Dollar 24,976
2000-P Leif Ericson Silver Dollar 28,150
1995-D Paralympics Blind Runner Silver Dollar 28,649
1997-P Law Enforcement Silver Dollar 28,575


As you can see the Girl Scout Coin which you can buy today on ebay Certified for around $60-$70 is a great putaway coin!