Nice to get a nice review...

Nothing makes a dealer happier then reading a review from a client... here is a post that was on the PCGS message boards recently!


"So I went back to the show this morning and I walked away today with a new coin.

I want to thank Jon from Scarsdale coin (who posted in this thread above!) for being generous with his time, fair in negotiation, knowledgeable, and a general pleasure to talk to and deal with.

I saw a coin in his case yesterday that was not in my plan or budget, but he was nice enough to show it to me anyway and chat, and it was a friendly and professional interaction.

I did my homework on the coin last night, decided it was something worth pursuing for my collection, and this morning I went back to the show with some trade material to see if I could make a deal.

Long story short I now have a new amazing piece of early gold, which I will share and post separately once I have pictures. Fantastic buying experience today. Jon / Scarsdale Coin is top notch.

Thanks Jon!

Assume he's still at the show - if anyone is there check out his table, he's got some great material. Highly recommended."