No its not Cooties LOL... its the COTY awards! Winners

The 2023 Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards starts off with the Nominating Committee meeting virtually this past Oct. 25 to consider 2021-dated coins from across the world and narrow them down to 100 nominees: 10 coins in 10 different categories of competition. These are known as the COTY 100.

This annual awards program, to be presented in early 2023, is presented by World Coin News

There are so many really cool coins including most innovative  coin which is one of our fav categories...   Check out for example this past winner... The 2019 Cook Islands Yucatan Crater – Dinosaur Extinction: Winner in the most innovative coin category of the most prestigious COTY awards. It is dedicated to the extinction event of the dinosaurs. Its believed the impact crater is at todays Yucatan, Mexico which crater is on the coin. A glass inlay at the bottom of the crater, with the blue water and green land. An actual meteorite (Allende meteorite) from the same area is inserted. The special coat of arms has a meteorite falling and a huge T-Rex as well. It is a 3oz pure silver coin, 20 Dollars, 65mm and a limited edition of just 333 pcs.  



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