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Dramatic 1801 Draped Bust Eagle $10 Gold Old PCGS Holder AU50

The reported mintage for 1801 eagles was 44,344 pieces, making it the largest production since the series' inception in 1795. However, Mint deliveries were inexact about what date was delivered, and the Mint had a penchant for choosing any die that had life left for the current production, sometimes without regard to the year being coined. The result was the possibility that some quantities struck and shipped in 1801 were, in fact, either 1800-dated coins, or even some dated 1799. Regardless, this date is highly collectible as a type coin from the short lived Draped Bust Large Eagle series of the dates 1797-1804. Listed at $16,000 in the CDN, $18,500 in the PCGS price guide and $20,000 in Trends.             Price available today only or until sold... $15,000