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No its not Cooties LOL... its the COTY awards! Winners

December 21, 2022 @ 11:08 AM

The 2023 Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards starts off with the Nominating Committee meeting virtually this past Oct. 25 to consider 2021-dated coins from across the world and narrow them down to 100 nominees: 10 coins in 10 different categories of competition. These are known as the COTY 100.

This annual awards program, to be presented in early 2023, is presented by World Coin News

There are so many really cool coins including most innovative  coin which is one of our fav categories...   Check out for example this past winner... The 2019 Cook Islands Yucatan Crater – Dinosaur Extinction: Winner in the most innovative coin category of the most prestigious COTY awards. It is dedicated to the extinction .........

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Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection Auction Coming Jan 2023

December 13, 2022 @ 11:27 AM

Get ready for a BIG auction featuring magnificent U.S. gold and pattern coins from the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection to be held during the Jan. 5 Florida United Numismatists show in Orlando.

The 103-coin offering includes the unique 1870-S Indian Head gold $3 piece graded Specimen 50 by Professional Coin Grading Service, which notes on the insert that the numbers 893 are engraved on the reverse. Along with many of the coins on offer, it has been known to a generation of numismatists as a core part of the exhibit at the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, since July 14, 2001. That display was dismantled this summer, and the proceeds will be used to fund philanthropic ...

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New 10 Point Grading System Announced From NGC Called NGCX

December 5, 2022 @ 10:55 AM

For as long as I can remember.... dating back to my early collecting days in the 1960's-70's  I always remember using the Sheldon scale of 1-70 for a basis of a coins preservation.

In 1949, the original scale was first presented in "Dr. William H. Sheldon's Early American Cents" titled "A Quantitative Scale for condition" as a way to grade Large cents. The scale is known today as the Sheldon scale.   However it really developed in the 1970's when the ANA standardized the scale.

For many novice New collectors the numbering system does not really seem intuitive so in a burst of marketing genius NGC had come up with the idea of using the 1-10 system (currently in use for other ...

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