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What simple product can make your coins worth SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE

December 8, 2021 @ 12:25 AM

Recently we received a beautiful coin from a collector to make an offer on... however the slab was so scratched up that it detracted from the sheer beauty of the coin... so while we did purchase the item, we had to send it back to PCGS for a reholder... this has a big cost not only dollar wise but in time (going to take 5-8 weeks) 

So I wanted to mention two great products that are so easy to use, very inexpensive and will avoid scratched holders..

the first is this Coin Slab Protector Bag which you can buy at Amazon using the link...  

they are so popular that they sometimes are unavailable, but well worth the wait...

the second item is our own product call slabguard 

Both products are great, and we encourage you ...

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