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Why Crypto Currencies are not safe... Another Hack Attack

March 30, 2022 @ 8:52 AM

While you may think your crypto currencies are the safest thing out there ... read this report below that was in my morning brew!



The details: The hack drained roughly $617 million worth of ether and USDC from the Ronin Network—a “layer 2” solution (layer 1 being the Ethereum blockchain) that conducts crypto transactions for Axie Infinity. Because Ronin is off-chain, its transactions are faster, cheaper, and less energy intensive than on-chain ones. But there’s a trade-off: Ronin is less secure than the blockchain it supports.

In this case, hacker(s) took control of enough of the “nodes” that greenlight transactions on Ronin to funnel money into their own ethereum wallet. ...

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Franklin Mint Products Newps Added Today

March 11, 2022 @ 1:52 PM

Well this is exciting.... we purchase some wonderful Franklin Mint sets and have just listed them on our site today... one has already sold the Car Set, but Im most excited for the Gem Ingots which is my all time personal favorite set that Franklin Mint Produced!

Check them out!  

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Rhode Island Dollar Coin a BIG surprise HIT! Sold Out At Mint

March 8, 2022 @ 12:04 AM

As Reported Paul Gilkes reported this week in Coin World, the Mint has sold 899,800 of the Rhode Island dollars, all in 100-coin bags or 25-coin rolls. 

This is a real surprise to most dealers as all the coins sold to collectors, and not any of the dealers who would of purchased them in a DEALER BULK BAG (140,000) pieces.  The mint reported that all the coins sold out in just 4 days.

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Todays NEWPS (New Purchases)

March 7, 2022 @ 10:50 AM

Only a few added today, seems like everything we bought over the weekend at the Coin Show...SOLD at the coin show... Guess in a way that's a good thing... these four we actually hid so we would have a few new items to post...

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March 7, 2022 @ 9:57 AM

Great question that we were asked this weekend... I'll try to answer, we are stockpiling some great coins in our vault that we believe would be worthy of a CAC sticker.  

In the near future we may list these coins online, meantime at shows we are just labeling these coins HNBTC (Has Not Been To CAC) 

Meantime we are aggressively buying CAC coins but finding less and less available from dealers (most of the ones we are buying from collectors are the collectors taking advantage of BIG prices we are currently offering)

Now is a great time to offer us your Dups, Tired Of's, and I got an Upgrade coins...  We will be attending many local and national shows in the next few months...

Happy Collecting


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