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Unveiling the Allure of White Coins: The SW Sticker Phenomenon

September 28, 2023 @ 12:52 AM
The following Post is from the words of Bob Paul creator of SIGHT WHITE
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In the ever-evolving world of coin collecting, enthusiasts embark on journeys that often lead them down intriguing paths. One such journey involves starting with modern coins and then delving into the captivating world of classic coin collections, whether they be copper, silver, or gold. An interesting aspect of this pursuit is the preference for coins free from unsightly white spots. But, as we ponder this preference, we find ourselves asking a crucial question: Does the grade of a coin truly matter?
Let's delve into this thought-provoking topic.
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Unveiling the Mystique of the 1937 3-Leg Buffalo Nickel: A Rare Coin Collector's Dream

September 27, 2023 @ 3:25 PM
In the realm of numismatics, there exist coins so rare and coveted that they captivate the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. One such coin, the 1937 3-Leg Buffalo Nickel, stands as a testament to the artistry and historical significance of American coinage. Join us on a journey to explore the fascinating history and allure of this iconic piece of numismatic history.
The Birth of the Buffalo Nickel:
The Buffalo Nickel, officially known as the Indian Head Nickel, was designed by renowned American sculptor James Earle Fraser. It made its debut in 1913 and quickly gained popularity for its unique design, featuring a Native American chief on the obverse and a buffalo on the reverse...
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