FUN show was F U N T A S T I C

The 2018 FUN show is in our books and will go down as one of the best FUN shows since we started doing them 30+ years ago... almost the perfect storm of both dealers and collectors ready to buy and sell and believe me it feels good to see a strong showing after the past year.

What sold well?  Almost any coin that was top graded, cac stickered, unusual and/or just cool  for us this included several early gold pieces from the 1800's, a fresh 1795 half disme, so called dollars, hobo nickels (OHNS meets during this show), silver bullion and of course many great three cent silvers including some really rare dates... 1863, 1864, 1865, and 1869  but after all that is what we do best!

The first day saw more sales in one day than any previous show for us... we also were able to buy many nice quality coins to bring back as "fresh" material for our customers... NEWPS will be posted over the next few weeks...  

While the show is usually held in Orlando, this year (as well as 2016) we returned to Tampa and I feel that the return back after two years was positive for the dealers who felt a bit more comfortable with the venue.

Of course not everything goes smoothly -- all the men's bathrooms except for 1 were being renovated leading to a bathroom apocalypse. Give credit to Cindy (FUN show coordinator) for having great common sense to convert a womans room to mens facility saving the day for the hundreds of male gender attending.

Personally our whole staff, myself, Lisa, Billy, Brandon not only enjoyed being busy at the show but enjoyed late night dinners ranging from the famous Columbia in Ybor to a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse down in Sarasota where we entertained clients who drove in to discuss quite a large collection.

Even the cold snap of 55 degrees in Florida didnt slow us down, considering back at NY headquarters David reported 14" of snow and 1 degree tempature ("feels like -17)

All in all we arrived back to NY and cant wait for a great 2018...

Happy trails to you,

Until we meet again.
Happy trails to you,

Keep smiling until then.