Scarsdale Coin Purchases Large Number Of Rive d'Or Collection

Scarsdale NY PRESS RELEASE March 3, 2020


Scarsdale Coin today announced the purchase of a large number of wonderful Gold Coins certified by PCGS and Pedigreed to the Rive d'Or Collection.  Considered to be The World's Greatest Gold Hoard, and the largest hoard of U.S. vintage gold coins ever discovered, housed in older holders these are wonderful coins that have been off the market for the past ten years.  Edmund C Moy former director of the United States Mint said it best about this collection of coins "Nobody knew about them, and all of a sudden there found so that brings a certain amount of excitement"

These coins will not be sold online but to be fair to reach as many collectors as possible they will only be offered for sale at coin shows that Scarsdale Coin attends during the month of March.

The Rive d'Or Collection was a massive hoard of gold coins held by a Paris bank and originally release through a US dealer in 2008.  The accumulation contained mostly US gold coins and a few other world coins.  The coins were accumulated by the bank during and after World War II.  

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