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Excitement builds for Long Island Coin Show Oct 17, 2021

Very excited to see a brand new coin show coming to Long Island...

here is the information that was sent to the press...


“We’re expecting this year’s Coin and Collectible Fair, to be spectacular” says Jon Lerner,  Bourse Chairman and well-known coin dealer. “With dozens of national dealers, plus fun and rare educational exhibits, contests and prizes, this exhibition of collectibles is tailor made for both casual and serious hobbyists. Literally tens of thousands of coins will also be bought, sold and traded. Bring your old coins in for a free appraisal.   This is the largest exhibitions of its type in New York and we are expecting hundreds of people to attend”

“What Woodstock was to music in 1969 and what Comic Con is to comic book collectors…well that is what the Coin and Collectible Fair is equal to among coin collectors” said Long Island Coin owner Chris Imperato.

            Coin and Collectible Fair will be held at the Plainview Holiday Inn 215 Sunnyside Blvd, Plainview, NY 11803, (Right Off LIS Exit 46) on Sunday, October 16th. Public Hours are as follows: Sunday, 9am-3pm.  Admission is Free. Parking is Free

Starting Sunday 9 a.m. – The first 100 people will receive a very special numismatic gift just for attending!

            According to Lerner, attendees are going to be in for a special treat this year. “We’ll have a great exhibit of Shipwreck and Pirate Memorabilia on display,” he said and “An extraordinary early 1884 Book Edition of Treasure Island will also be shown”

There will be items from the Historic sunken gold treasure, originally discovered by 49ers during the heydays of the California Gold Rush  

"This gold dust represents the true sweat and blood of the pioneers who dug for gold ore in California and carefully extracted the gold flakes and dust from the dirt, sand and gravel of river beds. Now encapsulated in this elegant, custom PCGS holder, theunbroken chain of custody since 1857 ensures the legacy of this SS Central

America treasure pedigree will last forever," stated Chris Imperato,  who is a professional numismatist and anthropologist.

 “Do to the high caliber of our exhibitors, we’re expecting a lot of very serious coin collectors from across the country to attend,” Lerner said. “However, there are a lot of exhibits for people just getting started in coin collecting, or who want to build their collections. Kids are welcome, too. It’s not only a fun experience for them, but an educational one as well,” he added.  We will have a special coin presentation and show at Noon for all the Young Numismatics “YN’s” with giveaways.

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