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Baltimore Show Report - Some Good News

For the past few months, I have been mentioning an influx of new "youngbloods" dealers at shows...  I just happened to read a friends post on her website about these "Baby Dealers" and I thought I would touch upon the subject.

Its one of the best things in any hobby to make sure that it continues.... not just collectors but also dealers...  to that effort I give a kudos shoutout to Seth at Witter Coins who for the past two years has run a coin university for YN out in Ca.  

Its actually great (and I dont feel that old) to see this new breed of dealers start out... these guys ranging from 16 to 25 have great energy and as they gain more and more experience Im sure they will be a great source for future collectors.

On other news, the Baltimore show was quite nice, with a very active bourse on Thursday... I must say the shift of having dealers set up on Wed evening IMHO has brought us to a very quiet bourse by Sat...  Personally and I know others will disagree I do like the way it was with a Thur morning set up which I feel helped the Sat turnout.

The market is neither up nor down as inflation continues so I would say we have more of a limbo period as some people wait to see if deals will come out, others look to sell in these times figuring coins may head lower and still others think now is the time to purchase as much as possible...  I think one good example is the current frenzy for gold sticker CAC coins.  I always have had a fondness for gold beans but the prices on them currently 3 to 4 times the current value for just the coin makes me say it would not be a wise purchase.... however if you do see them available for a reasonable premium then grab em up!

Anyway we will be at our usual spot in Parsipany NJ on Sun and look forward to seeing our regular customers and hopefully meeting some new friends!

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